Where Did Goldenstar Go?

July 13, 2014

Goldenstar Games

It appears to have happened pretty organically but I kind of just stopped updating the blog. If you came here, you probably already noticed this and are saying “duh”.

If you follow me on our CSTM social media you probably have felt the opposite as I have been posting there pretty darn frequently.

I don’t know how I did it or what caused it but I sort of stopped writing big long things about what I’m up to and instead send a tweet or a facebook update for things happening and news I find interesting. While in the past I may have put up a blog post of “hey go look at this!” I now am just sending it out to the social sites.

I think it’s a time thing. Our family has recently gone from being home most nights to be running around.

It could be a summer thing as well. I mean after that horrible winter, us Michiganer types are still in the mode of screaming with excitement every time we see the sun and running outside happy to not have to dress for sub-artic temperatures.

Whatever the cause, it is what it is. Sorry if this doesn’t fit your preferred method of hearing my nonsense jabber. I have been doing stuff though!

What Have I Been Playing

I am still active in gaming. I still play LOTRO weekly with my static 6-man the Dum Group. I haven’t been playing any other MMOs recently.

On Steam, I’ve been playing Papers, Please which Baby Hobbit likes and calls the “jail game”. She really likes it when I detain someone and cheers because in her eyes I just caught a bad guy. It has turned into something we play together.

I’ve also started playing Dragon Age: Origins although in little doses and mostly on weekend mornings before Baby Hobbit wakes up.

On my iPad, I’m playing Game of Thrones Ascent. It’s also available on Facebook and I think you play it right on the developer’s web site. I’ve tried games in this sort of vein before but I think they got this one right. I don’t feel victimized and attacked into oblivion. The story is compelling and fun to sort of choose the path for your character by your responses to quests. I’m still horrible at this type of game, but I feel like I can actually do things and I’m helping my alliance instead of just there to provide others with free supplies. If you are playing and want to friend me, my account ID number is 3222091!

Also on my iPad, *sigh* so I have to confess to this one, I am playing Frozen Free Fall. I’m playing it a freaking lot. It was something we downloaded for Baby Hobbit who like nearly all her age is Frozen crazed. Then I just somehow got hooked. Like for real. I haven’t spent a dime on the game but I’m on level 196. I seriously have a addiction / hate relationship with this game. For instance, I am compelled to keep playing it but I hate that it only allows me 5 free games at a time before it bugs me to buy more or wait and because I’m a cheapskate I wait and play again later. I’m honestly shocked I have not stopped playing already.

Where to Follow

If you think I disappeared off the face of middle earth, perhaps you just didn’t notice my shift in not-blogging. Instead you can follow me on our social media where I share links and blurbs that I like and think folks like me would be interested in. Will everything suit your fancy? Probably not but it was interesting enough for me to share and that’s what I’m trying to accomplish.

Is this better in the long run? I have no idea. I have to say it’s super convenient. I think the majority of my shares are from my tablet or phone while on the go. For instance during my commute to work (Merric drives, I’m not driving people). It seems a good fit for our life and timescale right now.

Here’s links to the social media locations I am updating frequently.


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8 Responses to “Where Did Goldenstar Go?”

  1. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    Your free time is your own! I did notice an absence of posts. I think I need to check I follow you on twitter. I did however love the progress of seeing your new craft room on FB.


  2. Bryandt Says:

    Real Life > Games. You know that. :)

    Also, I applaud your approach to DA:O. The game is large enough and has enough replayability that if you’re not careful, the thing can eat your life. :S


  3. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I’m on level 120 of Frozen Free Fall and level 91 of Maleficent Free Fall.

    And my RK is stuck at level 86.


  4. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    Miss you guys, love whatever you post whenever you post!


  5. Nusnogard Says:

    I don’t know if this is easy to do, or possible, but maybe you could set up the blog to post what you put on the social media sites automatically? It’s easier for me to follow important updates on the site, rather than Facebook (which we all know likes to hide anything interesting or important), and I hate Twitter (I don’t understand how to read stuff quick and easy there), and, yea, G+… I’ll just go with I don’t know how to get updates easily from there, too.

    If it’s not easy or possible… I guess I’ll have to suffer or figure stuff out on my own.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I’ll see what I can do :)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Ok I think I got this figured out. It’s not going to be super informative post as it’s basically a link from the social media send but anything I hashtag #cstm on my social feeds will also auto post here.

      Let me know if this is useful or just clutter and we can adjust :)


  6. Cortana Says:

    Dragon Age is a lot of fun, but I agree with Bryandt: the story and character subplots can really suck you in!


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