CSTM Guild in Rift


Guild Name: CSTM
Shard/Server: Faeblight
Faction: Mixed – both factions welcome

We have made a casual friendly guild on the Faeblight server on Rift. We were asked about it quite often and so we decided why not. It is a casual family friendly guild for people who play sporadically like us but like to be in good company when we do play.

All are welcome to join, there is no faction or level limitations.

Merric and Goldenstar are Rift noobs and will be low level for a while due to our casual play-style. We just wanted to make that clear in case you expecting some super-hyper active grand Rift adventure.

Ascend a Friend:

Those new to Rift can get some small bonuses by joining in the Rift Ascend a Friend program. You will get a trinket, a title and you will be able to summon your friend. No need to subscribe to get these benefits. Play for free and get a little boost.

You can only use one of the codes and you can choose who you’d like to friend with.

>  Read more about Ascend a Friend

How to Join the Guild:

Best way to get an invite is to join the CSTM channel (/join CSTM) and ask if anyone can invite you.

There are people with invite powers soon so you don’t have to wait for Merric or Goldenstar to play for an invite. We will get you in the guild as quickly as possible.

Just Join Us for Chat:

Already have a great guild in Rift but still want to chat, you can still join the CSTM channel and join in the discussion. /join CSTM

Those not on the Faeblight server can join by using the command: /join CSTM@Faeblight