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You can receive content from CStM through other sources as well. All of these services will post or link to new posts on our blog. Some of the services will provide additional information, links and chatter such as twitter or facebook. You are welcome to subscribe to any or all of these below.

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Updates from the blog, podcast and YouTube. Will also include links to random type things we find interesting. Updates from the blog, podcast, and YouTube. Becoming a fan will add these updates to your news. Updates from the blog (including podcasts) sent to your feed reader of choice.
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Only general chatter, big announcements, photos and fun stuff from Goldenstar. Bigger announcements and reminders for live broadcasts. A weekly email of posts and other LOTRO information from the blog.


Our podcast is available via RSS through multiple sources. Choose the service that works best for you.

Note the podcast has stopped operation with episode 200.

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